Privacy Policy of Virtual Truck Log

Virtual Truck Log operates the website, which provides the SERVICE.

If you choose to use our Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation with this policy. The Personal Information that we collect are used for providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy.

Collected Information (How & Why)

Steam Registration

Steam 64 Bit ID. Example of stored data: 76561198042108497. This is possible as Steam is an OpenID provider.
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Steam Username. Example: The Fabby.
This API

Steam Authentication

Steam 64 Bit ID. Example: 76561198042108497. This is possible as Steam is an OpenID provider.
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Discord Authentication (Optional)

Discord ID to identify and authenticate your account. Example of stored data: 120835881337618433. This is possible as Discord provides OAuth2 Authentication.
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Truckers MP

Truckers MP ID will be automatically gained by TMP its public API using your Steam ID. Example of stored data: 69309.
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Logit will automatically collect game related statistics for processing your job. On top of that the following information is processed.Logit
Steam ID which the game is started by. All DLC's of the game being played. Date of starting the game.
This data is used to identify who the job is coming from. To update the list of owned dlc's on the website. Date you last started the game. No history is kept regarding this information.
This data is gained by Steam SDK which is part of the game itself.

Rest of the Data

Other data is only gained by input from you the user and is fully optional and by choice.

IP Data

We do not store IP's of users and visitors.

Data Sharing/Usage

Google Analytics

For statistic usage Google Analytics is used. This is anonymous information as we have Google Analytics setup to not require approval from users. Still we'd like to mention it.


Developers have access to our database and there by your personal information, personal messages and all data.
They're not allowed to use this except for development purposes. Troubleshooting and for offering Support to a user.


Our API is public and can be used by anyone with an VTLOG account. This API shares everything except for personal information.
Steam ID, Discord ID, TruckersMP ID are not considered personal data



Cookies are used to identify who you are in our system. They keep you logged in and make the website work.

User Friendlyness

Without cookies several system could not work within our website. Its mandatory to keep them enabled to use VTLOG. (As for any website with an login system)

Extra Information

Server & Storage

All information is stored and processed in Frankfurt Germany @ Datacenter. VTLOG rents a Dedicated machine with this company.

Export My Data

Upon request we can manually pull all your data from our system. This is huge if you've done a lot of jobs and can take 24-48 hours to be done.

Security Note

Like any website we cannot guarantee safety. We offcourse do our best to protect your information and our systems to the best we can. Should it ever go wrong we will inform you on the website.
As we do not use e-mail and password authentication we're a very uninteresting target and highly secure as there's nearly noting to gain from hacking our systems.

Finance & Donations

VTLOG has no company behind it. Is not registered and has no goal or purpose to gain money at this point in time.
Server is fully paid by The Fabby and VTLOG is fully free for users. We can however not guarantee this will remain in the future.

Banned Accounts

Account bans are based on steam ID only. Using a new steam account is allowed.

Multi Account

You're allowed to have multiple account. Its not allowed to log jobs more then once. (For example 1 driven job is logged to 2 accounts)