The Fabby


  • News system for companies is back with discord webhook support.
  • Centralized API available
  • User logs - see what history of a user was (what companies they joined, left etc)
  • Proper notification system
  • New Alert system
  • Discord Login ( Registration is still required trough steam)

Finance System

  • LoansĀ 
  • Logs of finance transactions
  • Truck Ownership
  • Garage Ownership

General Stuff

  • Bootstrap 4 update (We were using the beta) (design)
  • Font Awesome updated to V5 (Icons)
  • New storage system for images. Faster and beta / live synchronized.


  • Company menu re-designed
  • Footer color corrected

Bug Fixes

  • 2018 added to profile -> stats
  • Editor now allows options like picture to properly work if loaded in popup.
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