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  • Language system nearly final. German, Dutch, Portuguese in process. Have another language to add? Contact us @ discord
  • Fixes for 2018 date filtering and such.
  • Member statistics partly fixed. Not all members were shown. Minimal 10 jobs required to be displayed now.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Known issue -> We're still fixing the sorting for member statistics. Sorry :(

[C.T.I] Vitor

how to download


The Fabby

You never have to download website updates. :)


For some reason on ATS the New Mexico loads are not loading in, is there a fix for this?

The Fabby

Please use the support forum for this. (Logit forum)

ravensview [LazyT]

Logit seems to be missing city details inETS Special Transport.

I can't create a new topic in the logit forum.

shahantrucking 637


Bas 414

Where can i download the app? i cannot find it anywhere?

Flow =NL=



kiedy bedze jezyk polski


How much time do the api key request process needs?

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