Game ETS2
Server Europe 3
Event Type Convoy
Language English
Gather City Nantes
Start Location Other

Organised By

16 Jun 2018 18:00

Sharp Logistics Weekly Convoy

Welcome To SharpVTC Weekly ETS2 Convoy 

Our Events Team Have planned Convoy for use today.
Please Read Below For All Information

Convoy Information

- Starting Location: Nantes, FLE
- Brake Location: Le Havre, Voituieux 
- Ending Location:  Amsterdam Sea Port

- Start Time: 18:00 BST
- Leaving Time: 18:05 BST
- Break Location ETA: 18:45 BST
- Second Part Start Time: 18:55BST
- Estimated Finishing Time: 19:40 BST

- Full Route:
- Starting Point:
- Break Location:
- Ending Point:

Convoy Team Layout
- Leader Truck: Member of SharpVTC
- Tail Truck: Member of SharpVTC
- Convoy Control: SharpVTC CC Team
- Media: Sharp Gaming Media Team & Partners

Additional Convoy Information

- Required DLC: Viva la France
- Please Arrive 20 minutes before convoy starts.
- Please Bring a trailer to the convoy.
- The Convoy will be guided by a member of SharpVTC.

Convoy Rules

- Follow all TruckersMP rules.
- No Overtaking.
- No Ramming.
- No Beacons on During the event.
- No Horn spamming.
- No Advertising without Organiser Permission.
- You must stay single file.
- You must arrive with a trailer / if you can get one. 
- You must respect everybody in the convoys.
- You must stay at least 50 - 75 metres away from the truck in front of you.
- You must always let the convoy guides through to the front.

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