Why choose us?

Because there is more to it than just driving from A to B


We are more then a job logger. We aim to bring realism to the game, you and the virtual company

No Premium

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Automated Logging

There's no seperated program. Just a plugin that you install and forget.


Unbeaten Support

Direct contact with developers on discord. Fast support and answers.

Active Development

Always busy expanding and improving our platform.

Built for the Community!

We work closely with other projects in the community like Trucky Companion

Central API

Nearly all our information is available through our API

Virtual Finance

Manage your company its complicated finances. Own Trucks, Garages and avoid going into debt.

Account Control

Want to hide sensitive things like your age, you can! Want to reset or simply delete everything? You can. You're in control.

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